AGN Football and R2M Football have teamed up to enhance, design and solidify the career of soccer players with great talent, allowing them to have the opportunity to develop their skills, focusing only on football.

Administered by Augusto Nogueira and Matheus Assaf, AGN | R2M agency and manages the careers of football players, giving all the support and services necessary to enable them to achieve their professional goals. Aiming to improve the career of your athletes, AGN | R2M always pursuits the best opportunities thinking about the personal and professional well-being of its players, as well as generate solid professional ties between the player and the club.

The company works highlighting values such as honesty, sincerity, professionalism and dedication. We believe that only by uniting these values, we can have a job with the quality needed to achieve our goals and help our athletes achieve their dreams.


Augusto Nogueira

With 25 years of experience managing football players, Augusto Nogueira was responsible for the emergence of great players in world football as Alexandre Pato, Luiz Adriano, Emerson da Rosa and Eduardo Sasha. Combining professionalism with market knowledge, he created one of the strongest companies in the industry, AGN Football.

Matheus Assaf

Originally from Argentinian family and born in Brazil, Matheus Assaf has in his blood the passion for football, and in the academic background his passion for management. Former professional football player, Matheus joined his two passions to create R2M Football.

Augusto Nogueira Filho

Born and raised in the football environment, Augusto Nogueira Filho accompanied his father from the very start. Administrator and passionate for sports, Augusto is one of those responsible for the management and administration of AGN Football.

Augusto Nogueira Filho
Marcelo Muller

With great talent to scout athletes, Marcelo Muller found in South America his line of business, becoming the head of AGN | R2M to search and prospect for new talents in the South American market.

Marcelo Muller
Lucas Pessanha

Formerly a professional football player, Lucas Pessanha used the knowledge learned inside of the pitch to become a key part of AGN R2M in the search for new talents.

Lucas Pessanha


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